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Three Types of Problems That Warrant Calling Water Well Repair Services

A water well installation is an ideal solution for a constant water supply in an arid area. However, a water well can sometimes encounter issues that compromise its ability to supply water. Thus, when you encounter any problems with your water supply, such as reduced yield or murky well water, chances are you need water well repair services.

While the above examples are just signs of water well issues, it is advisable also to understand the underlying problems and how a water well repair contractor can help. With that in mind, here are three of the most common types of issues that water well repair services can help you fix.

Incrustation and Bio-Fouling Issues

As a water well ages, the rate at which water can get pumped from the well usually decreases due to incrustation or Bio-Fouling. Incrustation occurs when minerals such as calcium and iron accumulate on various touchpoints of the water, such as the screen, casing, or liner. Thus the porous nature of the water well gets compromised, which means the well's ability to draw water from an aquifer gets reduced.  Therefore, you experience reduced water well yield.

On the other hand, bio-fouling occurs when living and dead bacteria in the well combine with iron minerals to form a viscous slimy substance that prevents water from seeping into the well. If left unchecked for a long time, incrustation and bio-fouling can often lead to the well's failure. Thus, when your water well experiences a significant yield reduction, it is advisable to seek out water well repair services to rectify the problem before it becomes fatal to the well.

Clogged Screen 

Sometimes, when an aquifer is saturated with minute clay and sand particles, these particles are pushed by the water into the well's screen. Over a long time, the minute particles start to accumulate in the well's screen and thus restrict the water flow from the aquifer to the water well.

In most cases, screen clogging should not happen if the water well installation gets adequately conducted. However, if screen clogging occurs, you need to call a water well repair service to rectify the issue. Water well repair contractors typically use a high-velocity jet to introduce chemical treatments designed to infiltrate the well's screen and dissolve the accumulated silt. Thus, the chemical treatment reinstates the screen's porous nature to allow water to get into the well and resume your water supply.

Corrosion Issues

Corrosion occurs when sand particles get pumped at high velocities to the point it leads to abrasion of the screen and the metal casting. When corrosion occurs, it creates larger openings in the casting and the screen, allowing higher volumes of sediments to get into the well, thus contaminating your water.

Hence, when you notice your well water starting to turn murky, it is advisable to call a well water repair contractor to inspect your casting and screen for corrosion. Suppose there is an abrasion in the screen and casting. In that case, a well water repair company can replace them with more abrasion-resistant materials such as stainless steel or carbon steel screens.