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Renting A Portable Toilet For Your Backyard Party

When you have a large, backyard party, renting a portable toilet can make things much more convenient. It's nice not to have to worry about guests tromping through your house to find the bathroom. And at the end of the party, the porta potty company can pick up the toilet and take care of the mess! Still, there are a few tips you'll want to follow when renting a porta potty for your backyard party.

Consider renting two

Nobody likes having to wait in line for a bathroom. So if you have more than approximately 10 people at your backyard party, you may want to consider renting two bathrooms. Rarely will this cost you twice as much as renting just one. The porta potty company already has to come out to drop off and pick up the toilet, and that accounts for most of the labor involved with renting a porta potty. As such, most companies will charge you a reduced rate for your second toilet.

Figure out where you want the toilet

Once the porta potty company drops the toilet off, you can't really move it. So you really don't want to be going back and forth as to where to put it while the porta potty truck is in your driveway trying to drop the unit off. Decide on a location before they arrive. The further you can place the porta potty from any tables or the grilling area, the better. Make sure there's enough room near the porta potty for at least one or two people to stand and wait.

Have the porta potty dropped off a day ahead

Just in case the porta potty rental company runs a bit late or you get extra busy with party planning, you'll want to have the porta potty dropped off the day before your party. Typically, this won't result in extra charges. Porta potty rental companies often assume customers will want a porta potty for at least a couple of days, so they generally charge the same whether you keep the unit for 24 hours or 72 hours. They'd rather not pull in and unload a toilet while people are already partying, either!

Renting a porta potty for a backyard party is a great idea and will really simplify your party management. Reach out to a porta potty company near you to ask about their rates and arrange for a rental.