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To Service the Septic Your septic tank does more for you than you realize. Without it, and without a public sewer connection, you wouldn't really be able to have a toilet or running water in your home. So, what does your septic system ask from you in return? It asks that you are careful not to put too many harsh chemicals down your drains. It asks that you only flush septic-friendly toilet paper. And it asks to be pumped out every now and then. That's about it! Read more about septic services here, and you'll know all that you need to know to be a good septic system owner.





6 Obvious Signs Of A Broken Pipe

A burst pipe can result in large pools of water alongside other disasters around your home. Imagine walking into your home and only to find your carpet soaked and the walls wet! It's not a pleasant scenario to think of.

Of course, you will ask yourself, how come you never saw the disaster coming? Were there any obvious indications that you missed? Therefore, it's critical to recognize the indications of a damaged or broken pipe. Take a read to find out some of the signs of a broken pipe. 

1. Skyrocketing Water Bill

A high water bill indicates that there is a problem with your plumbing. If your bill is unusually high, it's probably more than a running toilet. You most likely have a problem with your plumbing. It's critical to call a professional plumber right away to inspect your pipes.

2. Unpleasant Odor

Sewage odors are a sure indicator that your pipes are clogged. If you smell an unpleasant odor in your home, you probably have a damaged pipe. Having a broken pipe seeps sewage into the regions around your lines. A blocked pipe can cause sewage overflow, putting strain on your plumbing system and causing leaks.

3. Poor Water Pressure

If you find your taps and showerheads aren't generating as much water as before, something must be wrong with your pipes. The reduced water pressure might indicate a blocked, leaky, or damaged pipe. Both of these problems necessitate expert help as soon as possible.

4. Discolored Water 

Sometimes you may notice water from your taps is suddenly brown, murky, or foul-smelling. Your pipes may be corroding or have gotten polluted. This means you need to contact a skilled plumber right away.

5. Unusual Sounds at the Water Main

The flow of water should be the only sound you hear near your water main. If the water is not running and still hear rumbling in your pipes, that's terrible news. It's an indication that something's wrong with your pipes, and it needs to be repaired immediately.

6. Stains on the Walls

A damp stain on your ceiling or walls indicates the presence of water in that particular area of your home. A brownish spot on the ceiling might indicate a roof leak or a leak in the upstairs bathroom. Additionally, stains on the walls might indicate a leaky or busted pipe in the bathroom or other plumbing that runs through the walls.

Have you experienced any of the signs above in your home? Contact sewer repair services today and avoid any unnecessary costs.