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To Service the Septic Your septic tank does more for you than you realize. Without it, and without a public sewer connection, you wouldn't really be able to have a toilet or running water in your home. So, what does your septic system ask from you in return? It asks that you are careful not to put too many harsh chemicals down your drains. It asks that you only flush septic-friendly toilet paper. And it asks to be pumped out every now and then. That's about it! Read more about septic services here, and you'll know all that you need to know to be a good septic system owner.





What Factors Determine How Frequently You Need Your Septic System Pumped?

One of the most important aspects of septic system maintenance is having your septic tank pumped. Pumping your septic tank removes waste and sludge, helping to ensure the tank does not overflow. The frequency in which a septic tank needs to be pumped can vary based on many different factors. Read on to learn more about the factors that may affect how frequently you need your septic tank pumped. 

The Size of the Septic Tank 

One of the factors that affect how frequently your septic tank needs to be pumped is the size of the tank. Septic tanks can be as small as 500 gallons or as large as 5000 gallons. The size of the tank affects the frequency that septic system maintenance needs to be performed to pump the tank. 

The Amount of Wastewater a Home Generates

Another factor that has a major impact on the frequency in which your septic tank needs to be pumped is the amount of waste and wastewater your home generates. As a general rule of thumb, two people will generate less waste in the septic tank than a house with six people. There are many different factors that are looked at when determining how much wastewater a home typically generates, including the size of the home, the number of people living in the home, how often the household members shower, and how much laundry is done. 

The Items You Send Into Your Septic Tank

The items that you send into your septic tank directly affect how often your tank needs to be pumped. When you have a septic system, you should always try to use septic-safe products. Not only is this better for your tank, but it helps to ensure the items in the tank can properly break down. If you are sending items into the tank that you should not, and those items do not properly break down, your septic tank will fill up faster, thus, it will need to be pumped more frequently. 

Septic pumping is an important aspect of septic system maintenance. Pumping the tank helps to remove all of the sludge and debris that is not sent out to the septic drain field. As there are many factors that affect how frequently your tank needs to be pumped, it can be hard to determine when your tank needs to be pumped. Septic system services can work with you to determine approximately how frequently your tank needs to be pumped to ensure your septic system gets the maintenance it needs and to help it operate properly. 

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