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To Service the Septic Your septic tank does more for you than you realize. Without it, and without a public sewer connection, you wouldn't really be able to have a toilet or running water in your home. So, what does your septic system ask from you in return? It asks that you are careful not to put too many harsh chemicals down your drains. It asks that you only flush septic-friendly toilet paper. And it asks to be pumped out every now and then. That's about it! Read more about septic services here, and you'll know all that you need to know to be a good septic system owner.





How to Prepare for Your Septic System Installation

When you own a home, one of the most important considerations is your septic system. A septic system treats your home's wastewater, so your investment in your system needs careful consideration and thought. There are several things that need to happen before you have a septic system installed. Proper research and preparation are essential for a septic tank installation.

The following are some considerations you need to think about prior to installation:

Have Your Soil Tested

Before you have a septic system installed, you need to have your soil tested. A septic system needs the soil around it to help clean the wastewater. The soil surrounding the septic system also determines how well the system will work. The soil test also helps identify any issues that could occur during installation.

Have the Area Cleared and Prepared

Before the septic system installation begins, the area for the system needs to be properly prepared. If there is any debris in the area, be sure to remove it. Remove any tree stumps and high grass. If you have lawn furniture or outdoor items in the way, be sure to have them moved to make way for the digging equipment.

Inform Those Who Live in Your Home

The water will be off during the septic system installation process. For that reason, those who live with you need to plan to have all baths and showers ahead of the installation. Your toilets will also be out of commission for the duration of the process. You may want to have everyone leave for the day to ensure all of those needs can be met without issue.

Inform Your Neighbors

If you have neighbors, it is nice to let them know about your septic tank installation. The septic installation company will be using large, often loud equipment during the bulk of the day. Trucks and equipment may need to be parked in the street near your home. Letting your neighbors know will help keep everyone aware of what is going on.

Use a Reputable Company

You need to work with a professional, reputable septic installation company for such an important job. If a septic tank is not installed properly, you may have to deal with damage to your home. There are also environmental factors that can occur without a properly functioning septic system. Make sure your company has the necessary credentials and reviews before you hire them for the job.

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