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Planning To Rent Portable Restroom Unit Rentals For Your Event? 3 Tips To Keep The Them Clean

When planning an event, your main aim is to make your guests as comfortable as possible. One way to ensure your guests have a smooth experience at your event is by providing clean restrooms with all the necessary amenities. Portable restroom rentals can come in handy in such cases. But when renting these portable restrooms, it is vital to follow the applicable hygiene and sanitation practices to ensure the facilities remain as clean as possible. The article explains various ways to ensure your guests have access to clean restrooms.

1. Get Restroom Unit Rentals That Match the Number of Guests

Have you ever been to an event where you were forced to wait in line before using the restroom? You might be frustrated if you get there and find that the toilet is not clean or the supplies have run out. Such an experience is very unforgettable, and you wouldn't want your guests going through the same. The best way to avoid such experiences is by ensuring your portable restroom units match your guests. That way, people won't overuse the restrooms, making it easier to keep them clean.

Ensure you rent enough restrooms by determining the number of expected guests and their bathroom needs. You might also need to consider renting more toilets when hosting a multi-day event or if you plan to serve alcohol at the event.

2. Install the Toilets in the Most Suitable Locations

After getting enough toilets, the next thing is to ensure they are well spread throughout the venue. Start by determining the areas you expect your guest to visit the most, then put the largest restrooms around these areas. For instance, places like the parking lots, entrances, exits, food courts, and entertainment spaces tend to get a lot of foot traffic. So, most portable toilets should be located around such areas.

You can then spread the smaller toilet bank on the places that receive little traffic. This arrangement helps balance the usage of the portable restroom units, maintaining their cleanliness for longer.

3. Get Bathroom Attendants

The best way to keep your event restrooms clean is to assign bathroom attendants. These attendants can clean up after the guests and ensure the supplies are always stocked up. Such services can be especially important for your VIP guests. Therefore, consider asking your portable toilet rental company if they can offer cleanup services for the guests.

Discuss your needs clearly with the portal toilet rental company to ensure you get enough toilets installed in all ideal locations for your guests. Depending on your event's needs, the experts will help you determine the right number of restroom units and the facilities to include. They will also provide cleaning services to ensure your guests are always comfortable.  

For more information, contact a company that offers portable restroom unit rentals