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Are You Planning An Event? 4 Reasons To Add Wheelchair-Accessible Portable Toilets

When organizing an outdoor event, it would be a mistake not to set up at least a few wheelchair-accessible portable toilets. The facilities are designed to provide to serve the physically challenged people attending your event. They have features such as large doors and flat floors to make them easier for the users to access and use. So, should you consider renting these toilets? The following are the benefits of renting handicapped portable toilets

1. Inclusivity 

Regardless of the type of event you are hosting or whom you expect to attend the event, having a wheelchair-accessible toilet can serve everyone. The units do not determine who can or cannot use the toilet. Besides, installing toilets that can be accessed by individuals in wheelchairs makes them feel appreciated. Your reputation as an event organizer may be affected if you don't get at least one facility that's wheelchair-accessible. Therefore, remember to get quality and reliable portable toilets that can accommodate everyone. 

2. Built to Accommodate Family Needs 

Sometimes it's hard to predict which guests will show up at the event. Some will come with their spouses and toddlers, who might need assistance in the toilet or require a baby changing facility. It can be hard for a mother and toddler to fit in the standard portable toilet when helping children relieve themselves. Someone with a stroller might have difficulty changing their child's diapers in the regular units. 

However, some portable restrooms have enough interior room to accommodate a parent, their toddler, and a stroller. These large toilets are more accommodating and thoughtful. 

3. Easier to Use 

Although individuals in wheelchairs can use regular units, they would have more difficulty maneuvering the narrow doorways. They might need assistance accessing the units and might not be comfortable seeking help from strangers. Therefore, consider installing units with ramps and railings to make their toilets easier to use. This will improve their experience. 

4. Reduce the Risk of Tripping Accidents 

Wheelchair-accessible portable toilets have excellent ground-level accessibility. They also have flat floors. Besides serving individuals using wheelchairs, they could greatly relieve senior guests and children by reducing tripping risks. This should make your event accident-free so you can all focus on making good and happy memories. 

It s best to have both standard and handicap-accessible toilets in your event. As shown above, your guests will enjoy the extra features available in the wheelchair-accessible toilets. Therefore, consult a reliable rental company to understand the customizable features you might want in your restrooms.