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To Service the Septic Your septic tank does more for you than you realize. Without it, and without a public sewer connection, you wouldn't really be able to have a toilet or running water in your home. So, what does your septic system ask from you in return? It asks that you are careful not to put too many harsh chemicals down your drains. It asks that you only flush septic-friendly toilet paper. And it asks to be pumped out every now and then. That's about it! Read more about septic services here, and you'll know all that you need to know to be a good septic system owner.





3 Reasons To Schedule Regular Commercial Septic Services

A clean commercial space is key to ensuring your staffs are healthy, happy, and productive. When you think of commercial space cleanliness, the first thing that may come to mind is the front office cleanliness. But commercial space hygiene goes beyond the reception. Your sinks and toilets have to be clean too. And what is a better way to ensure this than to keep your commercial septic tank in good condition? This article will highlight three reasons to schedule commercial septic services regularly. 

1. Improve Your Toilets and Sinks Efficiency

When your septic tank is full, waste will have no place to go, meaning your toilets and sink may take forever to drain. This can be inconvenient and frustrating for your clients if you are running a hotel business. Who wants to stay in a hotel with a toilet that won't flush, anyway? If anything, customers who find your toilet not working properly may check out immediately and never return. To avoid getting bad reviews from your customers, make it a habit to seek septic tank pumping services to ensure your toilet and sinks are running efficiently.

2. Prevent Backups

When waste does not have a place to go, the odds are high that it will start backing up into your commercial space. This can be disastrous. First, the filth is unsightly, and no employees or customers would want to be in such an unclean place. Secondly, the hydrogen sulfide gas from the waste can cause headaches, dizziness, poor memory, or even death among your employees and customers. Generally, when the authority learns about the backup in your commercial premises, they may suspend your license for violating health codes. Your best chance to avoid such an ordeal and protect your business reputation is to seek septic pumping services.

3. Prevent Property Damage                             

In the unfortunate event of a backup, your floor, walls, and carpet will be at high risk of water damage, which means another cost to cater for the repair or replacement. And the moist conditions may allow mold growth, putting your customers and staff at risk of mold-related health issues. A sick workforce is less productive. Therefore, partner with a septic tank pumping company to prevent property damage and keep your workforce healthy.

Do not let a full septic tank ruin your business reputation and expose your customer and employees to severe health conditions. Engage a seasoned septic maintenance company. They can effectively pump your tank and inspect it for damage to ensure it is always functioning optimally. 

Reach out to a septic service company near you for more information.